Sustainable Development Service Sector Overview

The Business For Life Course selects 20-25 suitable learners and trains them to research business opportunities and startup their own venture and benefit their whole community.   The program’s strength is its ability to break the dependency of the students and inculcate skills, initiative and confidence.  The program is designed to ensure that over 80% of selected learners are earning sufficient income to be economically self-sufficient through running their own business after 1 year and creating jobs for others.  The project builds the capacity of local organizations to run the course on an ongoing basis by training national trainers and providing administrative support and logistical tools.

The North Korean economy and infrastructure is in significant need of development.  There is very little commerce with the outside world and local economies will provide significant opportunities for growth, development, and impact. Christian entrepreneurs, working arm in arm with Church leadership, will have an opportunity to help rebuild North Korea from the ground up. These entrepreneurs need to be trained, equipped, and connected to a larger global network of business leaders for financing, market development, mentoring, and support.

The Leadership Institute For Entrepreneurs (LIFE) is designed to provide Christian entrepreneurs with the skills and capabilities to effectively support development of the North Korean economy and infrastructure through

  • Christian entrepreneurs understanding their unique gifting and entrepreneurial calling to provide others with an innovative product or service. Living intentionally for Christ and using business as a means of making disciples seeing all stakeholders as the mission field.
  • Christian entrepreneurs providing strategic guidance, direction, and practical business initiatives to lead rebuilding and development of North Korea’s economy and infrastructure.

Future Plans for the Sustainable Development Service Sector

  1.  Develop teams that can equip and encourage the NK church towards sustainable development and micro business opportunities
  2.  Empower the NK church to minister to their fellow countrymen through practical and wise use of God’s resources. Train and educate the NK church on long term planning across agricultural and business developments