Statement of Faith

The Korean Reconciliation Initiative and Network is a volunteer network of individuals and ministries who have committed to follow Christ and recognize the authority of the Bible in all that we do.  We seek to follow the teachings and model of Jesus Christ and are committed to the historic traditions of the Christian Faith.  As an organization, we agree with and submit to the statements of faith expressed by the Lausanne Covenant and Missio Nexus.

Lausanne Covenant

The Lausanne Covenant is widely regarded as one of the most significant documents in modern church history. Emerging from the First Lausanne Congress in 1974, with John Stott as its Chief Architect, it served as a great rallying call to the evangelical Church around the world. It defined what it means to be evangelical, and challenged Christians to work together to make Jesus Christ known throughout the world. It is a covenant with one another, and a covenant with God himself.

Read the Lausanne Covenant


Missio Nexus

Missio Nexus is the largest and most inclusive expression of Great Commission oriented evangelicals in North America (US and Canada) that fosters shared learning, opportunities for collaborative action, and produces increased effectiveness through its many mission-orientated products, programs, and services.

Read the Missio Nexus Statement of Faith