Leadership Development Service Sector Overview

Welcome to the Leadership Develop Sector!

The desire for us who serve in this sector is to see a movement of North Koreans receive Jesus as their Lord and Savior. To see simple reproducible and sustainable completely indigenous North Korean Churches led by North Koreans started that will be a blessing to North Korea and the world.

We endeavor to partner with North Koreans around the world to learn from them and collaborate with them and to study the scriptures together and see how Jesus’ church began and grew.

Our approach will be to learn how to identify leaders, and together discover what the bible teaches about biblical leadership. And we want to then follow that pattern amongst North Korean diaspora people.

The general concept is that as the church develops people who are obedient to the gospel and who have a heart for the lost will emerge and we will spend additional time with these servants.

We will study the scriptures together to learn what biblical leadership is using the bible as the source document for teaching. We will rely on the overt scriptures on leadership and the stories of leadership found in the bible to illustrate God’s design for leaders.

As this movement begins and this biblical pattern is followed we hope that these North Korean diaspora people will become the church planters and evangelists who will reach all of North Korea as they are able to now, and in the future when North Korea becomes accessible.

With existing North Korean church leaders we hope to share this pattern of church planting and leadership development. Our hope is that they will see and possibly adopt this pattern and come alongside one another to expand God’s kingdom by establishing a truly North Korean expression of our faith.

We will approach as learners to ask the current and emerging leaders what they feel they need as resources. Our desire is to be learners and alongsiders to listen and learn and provide whatever we can as requested and invited.

In partnership with the Holy Spirit, with churches, and bible-centered Christ followers around the world we endeavor follow the biblical pattern of church planting and leadership development.

  • eLearning lectures and devices to train church leaders
  • Leadership development training – The Day 2 organization’s

LEADER course is applicable for anyone in a leadership or potential leadership position but is especially applicable to North Koreans who have resettled in the South as they have the opportunity to provide hope and help to people of the North.

Future Plans for the Leadership Development Service Sector

  1.  Provide material to train NK church leaders
  2.  Develop strategies to support and encourage the development of the church in NK through servant, Biblical leadership training
  3.  Provide leader training for KRIN partners to be prepared to serve the church in NK.