Reaching the North Korean People, Everywhere

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2023 North Korea Ministry EXPO

Seoul, Oct. 10-13

Effectively Reaching the North Korean People Today,

Collaboration, Learning, Strategic Opportunities,

What's Working and What Needs to Change.

Who is KRIN?

KRIN is the Korea Reconciliation Initiative and Network. KRIN is a catalyst to help Christians and Christian organizations think strategically, and creatively about reaching the North Korean people, while concurrently facilitating the knowledge, resources, tools and relationships necessary to make that happen. 


Our Vision:  

Our vision is to see a multiplying, vibrant, self-sustainable North Korean church that is holistic, healthy, Christ-centered; leading the spiritual restoration of the North Korean people, everywhere. 


What We Do:  

1. Reach the North Korean People– There are 25 million North Korean people in North Korea, but there are also large populations in Japan, China, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, even the UK and Canada! 


2. Restore and Multiply the Church– Church planting, Bibles, radio, media, sports, and arts to meet spiritual needs


3. Rebuild Christian Community – Leadership development, sustainable development, and community transformation

KRIN Serving the North Korean People Through a Variety of Focus Groups.

KRIN is an action oriented network. We exist to create opportunities to meaningfully engage with North Koreans, wherever they are. We also work to help organizations mobilize workers and resources into those opportunities. All initiatives aim to have local ownership, so that, in the end, everything we do is owned by local North Koreans, and they participate in the leadership of such projects. 


Waiting for North Korea to Fall is TOO LATE!

Waiting for North Korea to fall, to get involved in North Korea work, is too late. Everything in Asia rises and falls on relationship. In order to have the widest impact possible, people of North Korean descent must be engaged today. The North Korean people themselves, are the best ones to reach their own people with the Good News. Yet, sadly, even in South Korea, the most evangelized nation on earth, less than 5% of the North Korean population (about 38,000) is Christian. This means North Koreans have yet to be reached in a culturally appropriate way. They are a distinct people group, with distinct needs.

We invite you to get involved, today!

Please consider partnering with KRIN to fulfill it's mission in preparing for the opening of North Korea!

KRIN International, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization and contributions are tax-deductible for income, gift, and estate taxes.