Reaching North Koreans


What is KRIN?

KRIN is the Korea Reconciliation Initiative and Network.  It is a global network of followers of Christ who are seeking ways to serve Christians in North Korea today, as well as strategically preparing for the imminent opening of North Korea.


What We Do:  

1. Reach the North Korean People– There are 25 million North Korean people in North Korea, but there are also large populations in Japan, China, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, even the UK and Canada! 


2. Restore and Multiply the Church– Church planting, Bibles, radio, media, sports, and arts to meet spiritual needs


3. Rebuild the Community– Leadership development, sustainable development, and community transformation

KRIN Serving the North Korean People Through a Variety of Focus Groups.

KRIN is a global collaborative, action-oriented network, which exists to see a healthy church in North Korea able to reach all of North Korea and beyond.  Our primary focus is supporting the local, indigenous church. All initiatives aim to have local ownership, so that, in the end, everything we do is owned by local North Koreans, and they participate in the leadership of such projects.   KRIN seeks to accomplish its vision by educating, mobilizing, and networking with ministry leaders across 12 Service Sectors.


KRIN Global Online Virtual Consultation

February 16-18, 2021

Thank you for all who participated and supported the Virtual Conference in February. We enjoyed excellent times of worship and sharing and look forward to future ministry as a result! For all who registered, the material of the event is still on the Whova site through August 2021. We are also moving much of the content to our KRIN Member Portal and encourage everyone to register and join this dynamic community tool.

Please consider partnering with KRIN to fulfill it's mission in preparing for the opening of North Korea!

KRIN International, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization and contributions are tax-deductible for income, gift, and estate taxes. Our EIN is 82-1698957.