Relief + Resource Mobilization Service Sector Overview


Welcome to Service Sector 2: Relief and Resource Mobilization!

To coordinate the response of potentially 190+ organizations, coming from 19 different countries and speaking 15 different languages, will be an enormous task. A task that takes great planning, preparation, coordination and execution.  Welcome to the “team” that carries the KRIN mission and vision for North Korea!

Service Sector 2 (SS2)’s Primary Focus is the following:

  • Provide communications tools and technology to support the KRIN Network’s response, including preparing, sending, and overseeing the sending teams and workers on the ground.
  • Coordinate and oversee the Rapid Response and Rapid Assessment Teams as well as Service Sector Teams.
  • Mobilize humanitarian resources and supplies “as needed” to support the front lines teams and workers.
  • Oversee, resource, and support what we call LCC’s or “Local Coordination Centers” that will be standing up in the targeted cities of North Korea.
  • Coordinate the training of all levels of the KRIN Rapid Response strategy and plan
  • And finally, to successfully engage in other support and resource activities in an “as needed” and “on demand” basis.

Sound like a “Mission Impossible? Well, in God’s own words of Matthew 19:36, “But Jesus looked at them and said, “With man this is impossible, but with God, all things are possible.”

I challenge and encourage you today to consider if God is drawing you to volunteer your support of Service Sector 2.  And if He is, come join us and learn more about how you can serve the people of North Korea through Service Sector 2: Relief and Resource Mobilization.