The KRIN is a decentralized, action-oriented network of like-minded individuals and organizations working together for a common cause linked by a common road map and collaborative vehicles.  The KRIN has a simple leadership structure and is made up of partners and volunteers. It is not an organization and there is no membership.

The KRIN provides a framework for networking and collaborative action. The framework addresses how local to global partners can work together across 12 Service Sectors applied to select Regions of focus. The network provides a venue for information sharing, resource mobilization, preparation, a coordinated response effort and evaluation and realignment of initiatives.


Rescue People – The Church, vulnerable population, children, youth, refugees, internally displaced

Restore the Church – Church plant, Bibles, radio, media, sports, arts, meet spiritual needs

Rebuild the Community– Leadership, self-sustainable community development and transformation

PURPOSE:    To mobilize and engage the Body of Christ in support of

the North Korean Church.

VISION:         To see a growing, vibrant, self-sustainable North Korean

Church that is holistic, healthy and Christ-centered.

MISSION:      To facilitate the establishment of a relational network for

collaborative action to prepare and empower the North

Korean Church.

VALUES       Servant hoodFaithfulness Obedience to God



  1. Define empowerment strategies and methodologies for a growing, vibrant, self-sustainable North Korean Church that is holistic, healthy, and Christ-centered.
  2. Establish a decentralized, collaborative, action-oriented network leading to an indigenous movement working in a healthy partnership with international ministries.
  3. Develop a framework for collaborative action that engages local and international partners, encompasses multiple service sectors and response stages, and is focused on selected locations.
  4. Establish leadership, management, and participant support services.
  5. Collaboratively develop an Action Plan with commitment of resources
  6. Manage Action Plan implementation, tracking and realignment
  7. Recognize role models and celebrate victories.



  • Prayer is the foundation and driver of all actions in the Network
  • Build self-sustainable local capacity instead of dependency on outside resources
  • Services and support should be holistic – Body, Soul, Spirit
  • The North Korean Church is our most valuable resource and primary customer of focus
  • The North Korean Church must own and ultimately take responsibility for solutions to their problems
  • Collaborative action requires co-creating the solutions
  • Character references for security. Managed use of names/locations/photos/videos/social media.